Saturday, May 30, 2009

rockwell timekeepers.

my good friend cort owns a watch company called rockwell timekeepers.  they are growing fast and coming out with some really cool watches.  last year cort came to me and asked if i would be interested in designing a few watches with my art work on the faces. of course i said yes, i got the first prototype a little while ago and its looking pretty good. keep your eyes peeled for them but until then go on over to there web site and check out some of there current designs.  ROCKWELL TIMEKEEPERS

Friday, May 29, 2009


so my brother cam (the one who is responsible for this rad pangea web site and graphics)  has started his newest project. he is building a motorized bicycle. he is shooting for an early 1900's boardtrack racer look. he is running a 66cc 2 stroke motor on it which should be good for around 40mph. i cant wait to ride this thing.  if you want to keep tabs on his progress HERE is a link to his blog.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

broken light customs

james gardiner from broken light customs in escondido CA. sent me some photos of his latest projects. here are a few.

here is a little chevy powered 28 ford, or at least whats left of the old ford sheet metal.

here is a close up of the chevy power plant, zoomie pipes, and the recessed pitman arm.

here is a shot of the bare bones interior. pretty straight forward.

this is a little land speed 900 ninja chop that he built last year. you might have seen it at el mirage or Bonneville

here is a "phaeton" that he is building. this started out as a '47 panel van. he narrowed the cowel something like 4 in. if you look close the tub is just the rear section of the panel side and roof flipped on its lid. check out the dodge 360 motor and the hefty 8 lug wheels.

if you have any interest in having james build you something crazy or are interested in buying his 28 roadster which happens to be for sale hit him up at:      thanks for the photos james.      FCC for life!!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


i am really into music so i thought i should do a post on a few of my choice bands. these are the bands that got me into the hardcore scene and have helped to define who i am today. sorry about the quality on these they are pretty old. look how much fun they are having, your never gonna get that feeling at some over priced linkin park show.

Friday, May 22, 2009


i stole this from church of choppers but it just blew my mind. this is some serious riding skills.  


long live legacy highway bug destruction!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

jason T james.

if you have been following the blog for a while i am sure you have seen Jason's sportster chop come to life. here is a shot of it hangin out in Jerome Arizona. Jason met up with us at the smoke out a couple weeks ago, this was the first time i got to check out his bike in it's most recent incarnation. all i have to say is damn... this thing is clean. Jason has a good eye for detail, the bike doesn't look overly modified but when you take a close look everything has had the full treatment in one way or another. the fit and finish on this bike is exultant, and it runs great to boot. Jason hopped on her and blasted out from Escondido to cottonwood and back with out any problems, well minus just about wadding it up after hitting a fist sized rock on his way home. i have known Jason for a few years now and would have to say i am proud to be sporting his bike on my page, he builds some cool stuff and is an even cooler dude. thanks man.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


just got home from the american lemans race out at miller motorsports park, the race was awsome and the cars were even cooler. those new m3 gt cars are soooo clean the fab work on them looks like something off the space station. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

biltwell josh.

i met josh last week at the smoke out west. his bike really caught my eye, it's a late model triumph bobber. josh runs some of biltwell's web stuff, he was super friendly and really helpful. some of the stuff that caught my eye was the 2004 bonneville engine, tons of bmx parts, the awesome paint job on the tank, and a rad set of brake and clutch levers. let me know what you guys think.

mike jackson's triumph

here is my buddy mike's 71 triumph Bonneville bobber. i used to build cars with mike at a hot rod shop here in salt lake city, mike does awesome fabrication work. this project has been 3 years in the making and is coming along really nice. hopefully we can shred the streets this summer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

made it!

well we made it back from the smoke out west in AZ. it was a ton of fun and a wild adventure. more to come on that but for now i need some rest because it has been a long day. check back soon for the report on our trip and the final few epasodes of the xs650 chop.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

smoke out smoke down.

so i have been working crazy hours to try to get my bike done for the smoke out west show in AZ. yesterday i took my bike for its first ride and it ran great. later that night(1am) i desided to let it run for a while just to make sure everything is all cool on it. at the end of the vid you can hear the stator bolts ratteling out and the stator hitting the rotor. 5 hours untill go time and i am having to find a banshee stator plate, goo luck hahahah! hope i make it

Saturday, May 2, 2009

R.I.P. Ian Gordon

on wed. the 29th a dear friend/mentor of mine passed away, his name is Ian Gordon.  I first met Ian when i moved from Salt Lake City, UT to Sonoma, CA.  My move west was to attend the Jim Russell Race Car Mechanics School.  Ian had one of the best race car shops in the country, one of the few shops that still worked on vintage Formula One cars.  I wound up working after school at his shop learning a thing to two from all the masters that he employed. I learned more during my apprenticeship with Ian then he will ever know.  It bums me out to see such an awesome  figure go.  best wishes to the Gordon family.

here is a photo of  Larry Harpo and Ian Gordon in the pits when we went to road america for the historic gran prix ( circa 2006)

Here is the Ferrari 312 Ian mantained racing at the historic gran prix @ road america (circa 2006)

here is a video that someone made during his funeral if you are interested.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The 10th Anniversary Smoke Out

If you've been following the XS650 Chop project, you'll see that I've been working hard to complete the bike in time for the Smoke Out in Cottonwood, Arizona, sponsored by The Horse. The Smokeout is a "ride-in" event, and the fastest way to lose credibility is to trailer your bike to the show, so I've been pulling late nighters for the past week trying to get the bike done and roadworthy.