broken light customs

james gardiner from broken light customs in escondido CA. sent me some photos of his latest projects. here are a few.

here is a little chevy powered 28 ford, or at least whats left of the old ford sheet metal.

here is a close up of the chevy power plant, zoomie pipes, and the recessed pitman arm.

here is a shot of the bare bones interior. pretty straight forward.

this is a little land speed 900 ninja chop that he built last year. you might have seen it at el mirage or Bonneville

here is a "phaeton" that he is building. this started out as a '47 panel van. he narrowed the cowel something like 4 in. if you look close the tub is just the rear section of the panel side and roof flipped on its lid. check out the dodge 360 motor and the hefty 8 lug wheels.

if you have any interest in having james build you something crazy or are interested in buying his 28 roadster which happens to be for sale hit him up at:      thanks for the photos james.      FCC for life!!!!!

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