jason T james.

if you have been following the blog for a while i am sure you have seen Jason's sportster chop come to life. here is a shot of it hangin out in Jerome Arizona. Jason met up with us at the smoke out a couple weeks ago, this was the first time i got to check out his bike in it's most recent incarnation. all i have to say is damn... this thing is clean. Jason has a good eye for detail, the bike doesn't look overly modified but when you take a close look everything has had the full treatment in one way or another. the fit and finish on this bike is exultant, and it runs great to boot. Jason hopped on her and blasted out from Escondido to cottonwood and back with out any problems, well minus just about wadding it up after hitting a fist sized rock on his way home. i have known Jason for a few years now and would have to say i am proud to be sporting his bike on my page, he builds some cool stuff and is an even cooler dude. thanks man.

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