R.I.P. Ian Gordon

on wed. the 29th a dear friend/mentor of mine passed away, his name is Ian Gordon.  I first met Ian when i moved from Salt Lake City, UT to Sonoma, CA.  My move west was to attend the Jim Russell Race Car Mechanics School.  Ian had one of the best race car shops in the country, one of the few shops that still worked on vintage Formula One cars.  I wound up working after school at his shop learning a thing to two from all the masters that he employed. I learned more during my apprenticeship with Ian then he will ever know.  It bums me out to see such an awesome  figure go.  best wishes to the Gordon family.

here is a photo of  Larry Harpo and Ian Gordon in the pits when we went to road america for the historic gran prix ( circa 2006)

Here is the Ferrari 312 Ian mantained racing at the historic gran prix @ road america (circa 2006)

here is a video that someone made during his funeral if you are interested.

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