This was the best trip I took last year. 

BOLTS- We would love it if you joined us in riding up to Yellowstone at the end of this month to explore some beautiful scenery, ride with friends, and share amazing stories by the camp fire. The details can be found below. The sole purpose of this trip is to have fun, meet new people, and go places that most have never been. We hope to see you there!!!

Thursday the 26th: Departing at 8AM from the Chevron on the North East corner of 2100 S. and 300 W. in SLC. We will be heading up I-15 for maybe 30-40 miles and then hopping of the freeway to hit two lane roads the rest of the way to the campground. We will be stopping at the Logan skatepark for a little session right around 11AM. After that we will blaze up north and stop for gas. Once we get to Jackson we will ride 15 minutes to arrive at Gros Ventre campground. This is a pretty barebones campsite nestled up to a river. The facilities are very limited, and by that I mean there is a bathroom. No Showers. Im assuming we will be up there around 4 or 5 to set up camp.
Friday the 27th/Saturday the 28th: These are reserved for sightseeing Yellowstone. If you haven't been, then you will not be let down. This place has some of the coolest roads and natural landscape that I have ever been around. There is no set in stone plan so everyone can cruise at their own pace. We will definitely be going back to Phelps lake like last year to do a sweet hike into a cliff jump. We made the trip an extra day this year since we didn't even make it into Yellowstone proper last year with how much fun we were having.

Sunday the 29th: We will depart the campsite in the AM. Same route home as on the way up.

- The site is under our name so please be respectful, considerate, and clean. If anyone thinks this is some drunkfest fueled with loud music, burnout contests, and fireworks, then do not come. This is meant to be a fun mellow camp trip with epic riding, beers by the fire, and an enjoyable environment.

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