i have been jamming like a mad man at the shop lately. here are a bunch of photos of what i have been working on. i hope you can dig it!

here are some pegs that i had cast for this project. fully adjustable 

built in levers shaped out of some 3/8 plate and a lot of file work. 
 finally wrapped up the air cooled down pipe. 

 header pipes are complete and metal finished. 

 dash board shaping block.

 dash board roughed out. 

 de bumping the primary since it doesn't have a compensator anymore.

shaving off a couple inches on the primary.

here is the cover roughed in.

center stand is pretty well finished i just need to build the spring mech now. 

psi tested the oil tank, and brazed the jic fittings in place.

upper oil tank mount is all done, going to have to re plate the battery box. 

machined the clutch spring opening in the cover. 

working on mounting the split tanks. 

 did some shaping on the brake pedal. i actually extended the lever as well. 

 machined a little weld in detail trim ring for the clutch springs. 

 moved the waste gate actuator mount. 

 and cleaned the unit up a bit. 

i didn't like the lever on the pet cock so this little knob was whipped up on the late and mill.

how do you bolt down a noodle?

 turbo support.

 the turbo puts off tons of heat and i don't want it to melt the fairing so i am building the lower half in aluminum. 

here it is mounted up. there will actually be an air filter box built into this section of the fairing. 

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