Mid Control Fab.

For the foot controls on the turbo bike i decided to build them from scratch since i was having a hard tome coming up with something that looked unique and had the proper positioning. After designing the parts on the computer i had them laser cut out of .375in plate. Once the fit and function has been fully tested i will massage all the parts to give them a more organic feel. 

 Here is the brake lever after being laser cut. 

 The lever needs a bit of a zig zag to clear the cam cover so i heated it up with a torch and formed it over this round stock. 

 Here is the test fitting of the lever. It still needs some fine tuning but its close. 

Anytime i can make something that will work with a factory part it makes life easier down the road. here is a clevis that can utilize basically any stock HD peg. 

 The rear drum is cable actuated and the cable will pull via an arm that is indexed on this shaft with this square drive. 

 Test fitting the square to make sure it fits. The opening on the bottom of the lever arm is for the brake light actuator. 

 As you can see the arm will be fixed to the shaft by a 5/16-18 bolt and washer. 

 Brass bushings get pressed into the mid plate so that the brake system doesn't bind up and wear out. 

 Top view with arm, mid plate, bushings, and brake lever installed.

Side view of the assembly.

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