Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bf4 Bike update.

I have been working on the turbo bike every now and then at night, the show is going to be here before we know it.  here is my list of things to get done before here and there. i better start late nighting it if i want to have this thing licked by then. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy, love your parts, please make some parts for the Hinckley Bonnevilles.

On that note can you please clarify your blocking off the oil ports on your recent Bonneville engine bike shown on BikeExif. I ask because I have read that you cannot simply block off those ports, you have to at least run oil lines back to the sump.

Those engines have 2 oil pumps. When blocking off the oil ports the oil has no way to return to the sump, pressure builds on the pump that services the cam/valves and that causes problems including parasitic loss of power.

What do you say?

Unknown said...

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