Sunday, May 22, 2011

Knuckle Sale

My homie Bryce is selling his knuckle.  Great bike.  Last summer he rode it from Sacramento to Baltimore.  Fresh rebuild on the motor, rebuilt heads, great fabrication. He is getting into airplanes deeper  so he has to slim down his pack. 12K If you are actually interested and have money email him here..... do not waste his time if you are tire kicking. 


Anonymous said...

Not sure how much weight my opinion holds, but I've seen this bike in person and it is sooooo much more amazing in real life (not that it looks bad in the pics or anything).

Awesome stance, rad paint scheme and an eff'n knuckle, if I had 12k it WOULD be mine.

Marcin said...

trying to get touch with the owner - is there any other way to contact him except for this mail address