6 Wheels Rollin.

I went on a little road trip last weekend. 4 days 3000mi, it was really fast but it was nice to get out and see some new territory.  I met bryce a while ago, he is into the same stuff that I am. Bryce tends to cross the country on a regular basis.  When he crosses he stays over and we nerd out about building crazy stuff.  I dont have any photos from the first time I met him, but it was when my friend Rijel stopped past. They went on a snowy trip to yellow stone and ended up wrecking Rijels car.

 Chris and Bryce rode motorcycles from Sacramento to Baltimore one summer. Bryce had some timing issues on his oil pump. Here they are at #42 trying to get it sorted. (they made it... and yes thats a knuck!)
Virgin Run

 Third time Bryce stopped past on a trip to NC to grab this Cassut project and this roadster body.

 Fourth time, at midnight last friday bryce stopped past and i hopped in. We went to #42 and fabricated some mounts for his van. We hit the road and were in illinois by sat morning to pick up this finished Cassut. It was some wild driving, it rained and snowed the entire way there. (probably should have taken at pic before we took the wings off)

 All wrapped up we headed over to Bryce's friend Rusty's shop in Missouri. 

 Dorking it up.

 That way....

St. Louis

Reworking out mounting setup with El, the wings were tossing the van everywhere in the 55mph winds.

 Support Group.

 Rusty has some of the raddest cars ever! some are rough some race, and some are show stoppers.

 Cool trim, I love SS trim.

 Rusty and El are helping get bryce's 34 wrapped up since he is all caught up in this airplane building fix.

 Starting the trek home. (rain)

 The view

Home at last after some of the craziest driving I have ever done. 

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