Love #2

This weekend we went to the second annual Love Cycles Party down in Phoenix.  Brook, Mike, Jake, and Yours Truly made the venture, it was a great time. 

 Angel put us up in his front room, I really like sleeping on the carpet like this. Urban camping.

 Harlow's makes a killer grilled cheese with bacon.

 Brooks sporty and the Zion Express waiting to go to the show. happy to be out of the bitter slc cold.

 First ride on the new engine!

 Amazing stickers, someone needs to bring these back.

 Manning the booth Brook, Randal, Jason, Sean.

 Billions of Bad Ass bikes. 70's galore.

 Rad pan.

 This bike has some serious miles under its belt. i love how raw it is.

 The amazing paint work of Sonny Mouneu

 Foundry Ironhead, i dig the tank.

 Seen this Shovel around a few times and i reallly like how straight forward and tight everything on it is.

Too bad this little SR left early... it was my pick for best Japanese.

 Nice representation of a shovel chop.

Sensory over load.

I absolutely love the craftsman ship that they put into these old Indians! look at all the cool gear on this thing.

 I am a nerd for machinery, check out Jeremiah's Clausing.

 Jake ripping down 10 on Tanner's sporty.

Brook sleep riding.

Thanks for having us Jeremiah, we really enjoyed it.

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