Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Super Mod

The other day I rode the drz that I traded my rd for. Went up the canyon ripped it on some dirt for about 2 seconds and it shutdown. It was just stone walling me, turns out the kick stand switch went bad. I fixed that and in true Andy fashion now the bike is strewn about my garage as I modify the subframe and build a new seat.

-Andy Pangea

Location:W 400 N,Salt Lake City,United States


motoguru. said...

My switch did the same thing. Got rid of that sumbitch in a hurry.

Ry said...

I usually toss those things in the neighbors yard as well. I cant seem to change the oil in a bike without having to modify something. It is a gift and a curse, I feel your pain man.

JJ said...

Your switch issue that turned into an adult lego set sprawled across the shop is not uncommon for most bike builders.