Lastnight I was up at my parents house and was looking for some pin-striping equipment. During my search I found some drawings that I used to do as a kid. while sitting in boring old sacrament meeting at church I would let my mind go wild! Sorry god my head has always been in building customizing everything.

About this time is when my brother and I built this wild looking lowrider trike it had a Briggs motor,100in wheel base, crushed velvet seat, and a jocky style clutch.

Shortly after we ruined a really nice trail 70 by raking it to 50 degrees, welding the swing arm pivot to lower it and make it a hardtail, and I had the genius idea to flip the intake manifold around so it would ram air into the carb at speed. We got it into primer and lost interest. I ended up trading it for a WWII army helmet and a watch that I never received. If for some reason you are reading this Mike Nelson I am still pissed off about you ripping me off on the watch!

-Andy Pangea

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