Morning After

After the Salt Flat Social we all retired to our casa's. Saturday morning we hopped on our hogs and met up over at Moto Monday headquarters also known as Este Pizzeria. There were about 20 people that met up to join in the ride to the salt. Here are a few shots of our adventure. special thanks to everyone that made the ride out. I hope everyone had as much fun as i did because i had the time of my life!

Este 10am ready to rip

The crew tearing up I80

I pushed my XS to its max and set my own speed record @ 115-120mph (at that speed the cable drive speedo is bouncing about +- 10)

Justin on his Triumph

Stretching out those legs.

Captain America and his famed Freedom Machine
Denny and Brendan getting five on it.

Brad Hall came all the way out from Virginia!

Everyone getting a Family Shot.

It was hotter than hell out there so Danny Ch came up with this get up.

Killer 114ci shovel

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