Back on Planet Earth.

Ok! so i am back at it this week. on my last post i was supposed to be riding out to socal with the bolts crew...... well i made it about 100mi in and my shovel desided it didnt feel like going. I turned around and limped my bike back to slc and decided that i probably better get caught back up on some stuff since i have been running around with my head chopped off the last few weeks. Took some days to get my ironhead project a little further along, it has felt nice to put in some real hours on that thing. I am hoping to have it done for Born Free! gonna be a push though! here is a sneek peek .........

also i have been going out and terrorizing the city late at night on my pedal bike. Slurpeee's and skids are fun. but i put a pretty good bend in my rear wheel the other night trying to ride off a planter box.... aparently road cycle wheels arent as durable as bmx wheels?

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