Today My Grandpa called me to say whats up. I really dig my grandpa, i know most people feel that way. I grew up in Utah away from my extended family, they all lived in the bay area. I never had the usual extended family experience like most people have. We would see them here and there every year or two. My grandpa is an adventurer i think thats where i get it from. he worked a desk job for Lockheed Martin for about 40 years. When he retired he started getting his adventuring on! he is always travelling all over the country hiking in crazy places checking stuff out etc. At age 78 he walked all the way down pikes peak! He used to race sports cars down in San Diego in the 50's and he is an all around motor head like most of the males in our family. I told him that he should keep his eyes out for old bikes while he is out wandering the country. He was telling me about how he likes to photograph old roted out cars, so he sends these shots! Thanks Grandpa.

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