Rollin Deep.

So the other day we all went for a little dash around the valley. It was just one of those rides..... We all were just kinda in a bad mood, it was a long week and we couldn't decide where we wanted to ride. tooled around for a while out west then my pops called and was like hey come up north and pick me up and we will do a loop around the mountain. we all rolled up there and the mood seemed to lighten. about 1 mile from my parents house brooks shovel got a flat. we filled the tire up and it seemed to hold so we booked it back to the shop. well we didn't make it to the shop before the tire gave out and wasn't going to hold anymore. we left the bike at Bret's shop and brook took up post on Brandon's rig. cruising down the road they hit a bump and brooks iphone flyes out of his breast pocket. he almost caught it mid flight but missed and it smashed. the phone actually worked after we retrieved it, but died the next day after a fall from a coffee table.

cant win them all i suppose, i still had a good time but i think i was one of the only ones!

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