Give Blood, Give Love.

Last week a few of us SLC folk rolled down to Arizona to hang out and check out the LOVE CYCLES SHOW. The crew was Brook Lund of Moto Monday/Este Pizza , Steven Stone of Blacklist Visual, Jake Hobbs of Bolts Action, and yours truly Andy C.

We drove to l.v. to get out of the cold weather and to meet up with one of Jake's clients. From Vegas we rode our bikes out to phoenix.
Here is what the ride looks like from my point of view.... about that bumpy haha!
Hobbs hangin out on the Harley bmx edition.
Jake's friends let us crash on there floor for a few nights, it was awesome to hang out with you guys! thanks a million for the space.

Jake is from phoenix so he knew all the great places to eat.Stone shot rad photos the entire time.

Here are just a few of the rad bikes that showed up, there were heaps or rad bikes flying around the joint.
Kim Boyle of bench mark on his super clean Sr500

Chris Collins of =70 moto= on his wicked pan.

Matt from dice magazine got his front end worked on his way out from cal.

Bill of Biltwell checking it all out.

Wrestling broke out during the raffle.

Everyone chillin out as the show wound down, stone doing his thing.

Jake's friend Tanner came and rolled with us for a while on our way outa town in his A.
Check out how rad that van is!
Tanners sporty chop and ultra clean garage!

Brook and Stone on out way back to Vegas.

We cam across this rad jump on our way home and took a bunch of trys at it. here is jake going nuts off it.

Here is my contribution to this wonderful jump. A throw back to my 90's bmx days haha!

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