Skilled Hands

My great friend and co worker Curtis Parker set me up with one of his custom gems. I have worked with Curtis for quite a few years now, he has one of the best eyes for scale and proportion that I have ever seen. Curtis has worked as a clay modeler for some of the giants in the car industry including but not limited to Volkswagen, Honda, and General Motors. Curtis grew up with plenty of hot rodding in his blood due to the fact that his father was one of the original rodders of southern California.
Scaling back from his full scale projects at work, Curtis has released a short run of hot rods. Each car is hand treated with paint, patina, and even rust in some cases. The attention to detail while keeping a hand sculpted look is amazing. He currently offers chopped sedans in two sizes and pickups in one size (shown here).

If you are interested in purchasing one of his creations feel free to contact him through his blog oath fine art.

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