New Parts

Hello guys I have some new parts up for sale.

First is a seat pan kit, there are two options the builder kit that comes with 1 flat seat pan, 1 left mounting bracket, 1 right mounting bracket, and one 5/16-18 weld on boss ($60). This kit is good for someone who wants to build there seat to custom fit there bike, the pan features etched registration marks for locating your seat springs and an etched center line for easy measuring.

Second is the same seat pan kit but the mounting brackets welded, the pan is bent to a slight arc at the rear of the pan, with threaded spring posts welded on. buy it and upholster it and your done. ($80)

Third is version two of the chain tensioners. Version two includes a 3/4in axle hole, more compact design while achieving the same rotational distance, pangea winged logo silhouette. ($25)

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