Thursday, October 22, 2009

rad bike.

i found this photo the other day, i love this bike! not exactly how i would do it but i really really like it. imagine that jacket on the handlebars as a mini fairing. i love the seat also. what do you guys think?


damion saunders said...

Ahhh, Kakei's pan from the five-six syndicate. That has to be one of my all time favorite pans... of all time! Damn Japanese kids are ruling the old American iron.
BTW, hello from a fellow Utahhn. Up to the Ogden area, we have a few guys here with some okay scoots. Maybe we can get together one day for a ride.

andy said...

yeah dude email me some time when you want to jamm.

Anonymous said...

dang man, that bike is sick. I have a 650 that Im gonna put a mini fairing on. its gonna look sick.