new parts!

so i have been hinting at some new parts that are supposed to come out soon. well the time is now, on Friday i stopped past the foundry and picked up the first run of these new gems

top side of the cable guide. basically what this part does is allows you to ea sly run wires or cables through your frame and get some retro styling ques at the same time. for mounting drill a large hole in your frame slap this on top and either braze or weld it to the frame. now your wires and cables are supported and wont chafe on the frame, and it doesn't look like you just hacked your frame up.

here is the underside, you can see the 1/4in guide hole that runs through the part.

this is a stylized threaded boss. you can use these to mount oil tanks, saddle bags, battery boxes, etc. coped for 1in tube but can easily be ground to fit larger tube diameters. the nice thing about these are you don't have to do any drilling, they are super strong, and they add flair to your frame.
another shot of the 5/16-18 coped boss. as you can see all these parts are cast steel which gives them a natural texture. i really dig the texture since it gives the part a vintage factory look that hints at Harley and triumph frames of the old days. this look will separate you from the "billet" guys out there. if you decide you want a smoother look these parts do file out really nicely with a bit of handy work.

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