As of late…

This weekend I went and met up with the Bolts Action dudes for a little canyon run. We wound up meeting up with a bunch of other dudes from sfk992, and Chris from gravediggerschoppers. we had a blast and shredded up some asphalt. Here is a little clip that Jeremy shot.

East Canyon Shred from Jeremy Jones on Vimeo.

After the corner carving Jessica went to visit some old friends of mine. A few of my friends work in the grand am Rolex series. We went out to show our support. The gods of speed rained sunshine on them because two out of three friends of mine placed 1 and 2 in the prototype class.

After the race Jake and Andrea from Bolts Action invited us to come to try out some lake surfing. It was a blast, a tad cold but none the less a really good time. Jake can dominate the lake surf. Thanks for the adventure you guys.

Another great weekend out here in sunny Salt Lake City Utah. For all you Utah haters out there I am sorry but Utah in my opinion is where its at.

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