Sunday, July 5, 2009

portland adventure

skated burnside for a while, ran into a kid a met in indiana last summer.

jess and i hangin out in front of the famous oregon sign.

went to the saturday market and watched some bums fight over who called the spot first.

came across this lot of motorcycles, none of them were really modifyed but i still thought it was cool.

here is a barge with a bunch of fireworks on it. a few hrs later they poped them off, they were rad!

stumbled apon this really cool tattoo shop so i let j bob tattoo my leg.


lee bender said...

who was the kid from indiana? spencer? billy?? are you from indiana.. i know jake hobbs, found your site from him. bike looks killer!

lee bender said...

nevermind, it is/was cody. ha.