bountiful car show.

every year there is a big car show in bountiful (thats where i grew up, its about 15min north of salt lake) they have been doing the show for about 10 years now. all the proceeds go to buying jackets for less fortunate kids that live around the salt lake valley. there is usualy some pretty cool stuff that shows up and every year the show gets bigger and better. jake, jeff, nikki and i all rode our bikes up there on satureday to check out what was going on, this is what caught my eye.

after the show we all rode to jeffs house to hang out. right when we pulled up a huge rain storm came and knocked out the power for a min. we got bored so jeff made some french dounuts. after eating those we went up to his brothers house where they are building a bmx track. we rode jeffs bike around jumped some jumps and got really muddy. then i made my treck back to salt lake, by this time most of the water had dryed up off the road.

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