modern art.

so here is a piece i just finished it is titled "shop life" i wanted to do something that would capture the life and grime of working in a shop. I have spent a good portion of my life working in all sorts of shops i feel like there is something captivating about all the dirt and grime that floats around a shop, like the build up of overspray on paint fixtures or the oil and metalchips that collect in the hard to reach corners of a machine shop. so here it is here is my rendition of the life in a shop.

the piece measures 4.5in X 5.5in x .75in the media is created with auto body filler, primer, uerathane resin, flat black base coat, celery base coat, yellow enamel, laquer thinner, isopropal, and about 15 coats of dupont chroma clear. i am asking $75 + $5 shipping for it if your interested feel free email me @

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