adam beck's 1953 cheiftain

here is a photo of adam beck's cheif project. i will be doing a more indepth write up about this car in the future but for now here is a breif description. The car started out as a 1953 pontiac cheiftain. it is chopped 4in up front and 6in on the rear, custom quarters that house hand formed glass tail lights, frenched headinghts, custom floor, notched, boxed frame to sit extra low, 69 firebird front frame section, air bags all around, oversized swaybar, triangulated 4 link, pontiac 400 engine. there is allot lot more to this car then meets the eye but we will get to all that later. i have known adam for a while now and have allot of attachment to this car since adam and i have spent allot of late nights building it. keep tuning in for more updates on this ride.

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