Thursday, October 14, 2010

Make a Plan

This is just the first of many lists to come. If I don't make lists I just become lost in the project so this is what I do to try to keep everything straight. As the project develops each list gets a more micro look.

-Andy Pangea


Anonymous said...

looks like you did learn a thing or two from me ;)


Anonymous said...

love how your list are as generic as mine...kick one tells you it's 5 hours to make it the way you want it...list's make it look easy, which is why I make them :)

andy said...

haha yeah i didnt post the list about the kick stand haha
-buy steel rod
-machine bosses
-go to the store choose a spring
-fabricate mounts.
-weld on mounts
-level bike
-cut rod
-bend rod
-weld on spring mount
-assemble stand
-cut it all off because it doesnt fit right

jess yes i did learn a thing or two from ya (wink wink) i was making lists along time ago though hahaha!