Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brets British Beauty

A few of you guys who have been past the shop have seen Bret Waltons Triumph that has been hangin out for a while..... Bret has been nice enough to allow me to give her a face lift and i think she came out on top.

Yesterday i had some really amazing visitors. i was graced by the presance of Neale Bayly of Speed channel, Caz and Josh Bevan, Dave Vogt, Tegan and Robinette of Chic Elite. Here is a little teaser shot. keep your eyes on to see more in the near future.


C.A.Z. said...

:) We were all graced with the presence of Andy! haha Thanks for having us. Can't wait to see all that is Pangea on

Gorgeous Corpse Culture said...

Sick Andy, we were super stoked on it when we were up there the other day. It was so clean and steezy.